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I have done video work for hire, including for Wind-up Pictures, WRFI, the Latino Civic Association of Tompkins County in Ithaca, and for Centro Social Darna in Barcelona.

Speaking of Migration (WRFI Radio show/Podcast)
Produced November 2021 - August 2022 – Ithaca, NY, United States
Transnational political and economic forces have depleted rural Salvadoran communities, driving Salvadorans to flee and seek refuge and economic opportunities. Then they often also face repression and exploitation beyond their national borders. In the US, we hear about the plight of Salvadoran refugees, but the voices and aspirations of rural communities left in El Salvador are seldom heard. 
The program brings the voices of Central American immigrants and migrants, their stories, perspectives, and visions for a more just immigration system and world. 
I worked as a sound recordist on selected episodes as well as editor and assistant producer on all episodes. This meant editing, recording, and interviewing in both English and Spanish.
(Spanish and Dubbed English versions)
Sugarbush Management - Thinning & Agroforestry at the Arnot Forest
Produced by: Karen Rodriguez of Wind-up Pictures (
With drone footage by Shira Evergreen (
Production Assistant: Julien Sobel
Additional Editing: John D. Scott
Deliverista (working title) Film Preview
For Documentary Workshop at Ithaca College – Fall 2021 – New York City, NY, United States
While the use of food delivery services like DoorDash has exploded in U.S. urban areas like NYC, workers’ rights have only gotten worse. Every day, some 80,000 delivery cyclists risk traffic collisions, extreme weather, theft, and even murder.
Sammy Escalante is a bike delivery worker in NYC organizing with the labor advocacy group Los Deliveristas Unidos. Through his advocacy and photography, Sammy is uniting the workers to raise awareness for their exploitation and help them push for change. 
Julien Sobel (Director), Lesley Paredes (Producer),
Ben DiNoia (Director of Photography), Edie McRoberts (Editor & Assist. Cinematographer)
(Spanish and English with English Subtitles)
Video for Latin Heritage Month for Cultura Ithaca and the LCA of Tompkins County
September 2020, September 2021, & September 2022 – Ithaca, Ny, United States
For both videos, I directed video production, organized video shooting, provided editing, translation, and subtitling. 
(Spanish with English Subtitles)
Three Shorts: Ithaca Protests: Festival(s) Against Hate
October 26, 2020 and March 14, 2021 – Ithaca, NY, United States
Videos I made during the Back the Blue rally and Festival Against Hate counter-protests. I was granted access to the space by Ithaca Pantheras and the Ithaca DSA, for which I am very grateful. I did Videography and Editing, Aashna Brahmbhatt did audio and subtitling, and Dekwan Perry Drone Operation and Photography for October 26th video.
(English audio with English subtitles)
Documentary: Home is Here
Completed June 2020 – New York, United States
A look into the life of Dolores, an undocumented farm worker in Upstate New York, as she talks about her experiences, the struggles she’s dealt with, and the work she is doing to help others in similar situations.
This film is the culmination of about 9 months of work, so if you enjoyed the film, please consider donating to this aid fund for DACA and undocumented students in Tompkins County (the county where Ithaca, NY is located).
(Spanish and English with English Subtitles)​​​​​​​
Short-doc: Sukkot with my Family
October 2019 – Rochester, NY, United States
Short documentary about my family's preparation for and celebration of the Jewish harvest holiday Sukkot.
(English Audio)
Mini-doc: Fishermen of Saint-Jean-de-Luz 
June 2019 – Saint-Jean-De-Luz, France
A short ethnographic-style doc I made about some fishermen at a small town in French Basque Country. 
(French and Spanish with English Subtitles)
Correfoc Nit de Sant Joan
June 2019 – Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
A short video I made of Correfocs ("fire runs", a traditional Catalan festivity) at Plaça de la Barceloneta in Barcelona on the Night of Sant Joan. I only got lightly singed.
My dad making espresso
January 2019 – Bay Area, California
In other words, messing around with a video camera and premiere
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