Hi, I'm Julien

Based in New York City, I strive to provide Creative storytelling through sound and visuals

I'm a New York City-based filmmaker and video editor. My film work primarily focuses on labor rights/exploitation, language, and culture. My documentary “Home is Here,” about the life and activism of Dolores, a migrant farmworker, aired on PBS affiliate WXXI in 2020. I've done video editing for Cornell University as well as the U.S. department of Fish and Wildlife, and edited a radio show that aired on Ithaca's community radio station WRFI.
I'm looking to find editing, sound, and production work, both on documentary and fiction projects. I can work in English, French, and Spanish, having had experience working in all three of these languages. Most recently, along with friend and frequent collaborator Edie McRoberts, I am putting together a film production company, Final Cult Pictures
In the long term, my goal is to eventually go to grad school, working to integrate my audiovisual work with my political theory research. I tend to focus my theoretical work on political economy, labor and migrant rights, and languages.

Please contact me via my Instagram or send me an email at julienso42@gmail.com.
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