Hi, I'm Julien Sobel

Aspiring scholar, filmmaker, photographer, and obscure Wikipedia fact enthusiast

I am majoring in Politics (B.A.) and Documentary Production (B.A.) with a minor in Linguistics at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York with the eventual goal of entering political science and IR research. 
My goal is to integrate my documentary film production work with my political theory research. I’ve produced a documentary with local NGOs that aired on a PBS affiliate station. I hope to keep producing socially relevant films, research, and journalism.
I tend to focus my work on labor and migrant rights, political and social theory, and language. I am fluent in French and Spanish, and can do some translation and interpretation from those languages into English. 

I mainly keep the video section of this site up to date. I sometimes add photo stuff, though in general that entire section should be revised at some point. I am starting to post more of my writing on this site, as well as on my social media.
Latest Short: Festival Against Hate II
Ithaca, NY – March 14th, 2021
“Back the Blue” protestors came to Ithaca to protest Mayor Svante Myrick’s “Reimagining Public Safety” proposal. They were met with a counter-protest staged by Ithaca community members and anti-racist advocates.

• Videography and Editing: Julien Sobel
• Audio recording and subtitles: Aashna Brahmbhatt

(English audio with English subtitles)
Half-Hour Documentary Project: Home is here
Completed June 2020 
A look into the life of Dolores, an undocumented farmworker in Upstate New York, as she talks about her experiences, the struggles she’s dealt with, and the work she is doing to help others in similar situations.
This film is the culmination of about 9 months of work, so if you enjoyed the film, please consider donating to this aid fund for DACA and undocumented students in Tompkins County (the county where Ithaca, NY is located). 

(Spanish/English audio, English subtitles)
If you want to contact me, please use the form below! I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you!
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